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Pedicure Plus

Excellence in Nail Care provided by Safe Salon Certified Nail Technicians

Our Commitment to Your Care

The PLUS in Pedicure Plus

These are unprecedented times, and with that we would like to take this opportunity to share with you what sets Pedicure Plus apart from the others.  Our commitment to your wellbeing is our passion and drives us to make sure your services aren't like everyone else's.  Your services are tailored to you, specifically.  Our training enables us to provide you with the best of care, in addition, our location within The Walker Medical Building enables us to refer or consult with experts in podiatry, dermatology, and more should the need present itself.

We are keenly aware that individuals who choose Pedicure Plus are discerning and may also be immune system compromised. We would like to assure our clients that the safety and health of our clients have lent to our commitment to Safe Salon protocols since our inception.  We have made best-in-class sterilization and cleanliness our hallmark. Our practices meet, exceed and surpass the CDC regulatory guidelines for our industry, which fully prepare Pedicure Plus to minimize the risk of infection, most notably the COVID-19 threat that now looms for us all.

We would like to share a brief summary of the detail that goes into making your service possible:

Before Your Service...

We deep clean our suites after each guest, including chairs, counters, and floors.  

We and our clients wash our hands before each service.  

A brand new buffer and file are gathered from a clean stock for your service.  

A hospital grade sterilized pouch of implements is prepared for your service.

Fresh linens are prepared at your chair.

During Your Service...

The first step of each service is our "cleanse" phase which ensures we start your service with the cleansing of your hands and/or feet.

We carefully practice our technique to ensure proper CDC guidelines are upheld or exceeded throughout the service.

We continually clean the suites throughout the day.

After Your Service...

The station is thoroughly disinfected and prepared for the next guest.

We dispose of all single use implements.

Our implements are sterilized with a medically approved ultrasonic cleaner and medical grade autoclave. Our industry-leading surgical grade autoclave (275 degrees and 15+ PSI)  is the only way to truly sterilize implements, kill viruses and bacteria at a 100% kill rate. 

At the end of each day we perform our end of day deep clean.

During unprecedented times like these it's important that we recommit to you the efforts we have always taken since o ur inception to keep you and our team members safe and healthy.

Come on in and see for yourself how we have combined truly "Clean" with truly "Comfortable".  The absence of concern during a nail service lends to an amazingly relaxing atmosphere, while we also strive to achieve the utmost wellness  for your hands, feet, and nail care.